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How to Overcome Infections, Parasites and Candidiasis

Cleanse and Overcome Infections and Degenerations




 Most fruit and sweeteners—all sugars, maple syrup,
molasses, barley malt, rice syrup, grain milks (e.g.,
Rice Dream), honey, date sugar, agave, chemical
sweeteners such as NutriSweet (see Sweetener
Options in the “EAT” category). Acceptable fruit: all
berries including goji berry; pomegranate; lemon and

 Excess red meat, especially feedlot beef and pork.
Eggs promote damp-heat and often obstruct the
liver/gall bladder.

 Excess carbohydrates, especially refined
carbohydrates like white rice, white flour pasta,
donuts, white sugar & pastries. Even
avoid all wholewheat products unless sprouted.

 Cow dairy products including butter, though raw
goat milk yogurt, kefir, & cheese are sometimes
tolerated after a few months.

 Fermented foods (e.g., most soy sauce & miso,
yeast breads, vinegars). Unpasteurized miso & soy
sauce can sometimes be tolerated in small amounts.

 Oils and oily foods (fresh flax oil, hemp oil and olive
oil are okay in small quantities). Avoid ghee, butter,
margarine, coconut oil. Avoid magnesium stearate
and stearic acid—hydrogenated fats that are in most
capsules and tablets of supplements.



 Whole, organic, freshly prepared, local foods.

 Plenty of vegetables (all except yam/sweet potato),
especially greens such as cilantro, broccoli, cabbage,
kale, and collards.

 Substantial protein in the form of well-cooked
tempeh, natto, aduki beans, mung beans, bean
sprouts of all kinds, or any other legume (bean, pea or
lentil). Animal products may be needed, e.g., low mercury
wild fish,cage-free poultry, or grass-fed beef.

 Use whole grains: buckwheat, millet, brown rice,
quinoa, amaranth, oat groats where possible.
Grains = 20% of diet. Sprouted grains, as an option,
can account for up to another 20%. EzekielTM pasta &
tortillas are sprouted examples without yeast; or
sprout your own grains, then steam or simmer them.

 In cases of excess phlegm, eat radishes or daikon
radish (3 oz daily) and mushrooms.

 Sweetener Options: green stevia powder or green
liquid extract or yacon
sweetener or erythritol

 Nuts & Seeds—choose from among these: flax
seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, almonds, and/or
roasted pumpkin seeds (can be a snack).

 Chew up 5-6 Chlorella tablets with food, snacks, or
at end of meals—at least 2x per day or anytime to
reduce sugar cravings & aid cleansing.

 Live Ferments—Raw sauerkraut & pickles (saltless
are best), rejuvelac, raw vinegar, etc.

 Garlic—mince finely & sprinkle on food 1-2x per day
to eradicate pathogens. Raw onion also helps.

 Spices—increase nutrient assimilation and energy—
e.g., cook with turmeric, dill, caraway, dried or fresh
ginger, oregano, fenugreek.

 Cook daily with seaweeds such as kombu in
bean/legume dishes; wakame in soups, nori or dulse
flakes cooked into grains.

PURIFY more efficiently if you have signs of excess
(robust body, extroverted personality, thick tongue
coating, reddish complexion, loud voice, strong radial
pulses)—by eating for 6 weeks or so, only the plant
foods in this plan. For substantial excess, 1/3 to 2/3 of
this vegan diet can be raw foods and sprouts, and for
fastest cleansing, opt for the addition of whole food
juices that contain all plant fibers

SIMPLE FOOD COMBINING – yeast overgrowth
and all other infections can thrive on byproducts of
pathogenic fermentation caused by improper food

ENHANCE YOUR LIFE Exercise is essential to
burn up damp infections & pathogenic excesses.
A quiet mind is essential for profound healing—
awareness practices such as meditation, prayer and
mantra build a strong spirit that guides renewal.
CLEANSE toxins and pathogenic microbes further, if
needed, with substances such as aloe vera, pau d’arco,
stabilized oxygen, medicinal mushrooms, oregano
essential oil, cereal grasses (e.g., barley grass),
Aphanizomenon blue green algae and grapefruit seed
extract (GSE). Choose among these or other cleansers
based on your constitution and condition. Nearly
everyone benefits from a probiotic supplement. Consider
taking digestive enzymes if you have sluggish digestion.