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Major Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

The Lymphatic System affects every part of our body because regardless of a cell’s function, all cells need nourishment and cleaning. An efficient Lymphatic System will benefit your body in many areas in addition to immunity, inflammation and healing in general.

Lymphatic System

Top 7 Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage:
1. Skin Care: Get clearer complexion and lessen appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Reduce old scar tissue and minimize new ones

2. Detox: Reduce sluggishness brought on by bad diet, and little exercise and/or stress

3. Headache: Remove blocked fluid and improve blood flow to reduce pain and discomfort

4. Promote Healing: Drain swollen and sore tissue and reduce inflammation to improve healing

5. Pregnancy and After: Relieve discomfort from fluid retention. If breast feeding, clear blocked ducts and relieve sore tight breasts.

6. Reduce Swelling: Decongest stagnate fluid in tissues to minimize puffiness and tenderness

7. Relaxation: Lymphatic drainage is a very gentle treatment. As cleansing and rejuvenation effect stress, relaxation is enhanced.

Most people will notice improvements after one treatment because lymphatic drainage has so many benefits. So, keep yourself looking and feeling healthy with regular sessions.

We’re offering a special introductory rate of $175 per session.—Regular rate will be $200 per session. After your first session, you can choose to pay for the one session or buy a package of 3 for $185 per session or package of 6 for $175 per session.

Special Introductory Price of $175 per session, regularly $200